Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sign O'The Times

As I walked out of Grand Central Terminal on Friday on my way to work I saw something that, as the memory of it lingers, makes me more and more sad and is a barometer of just how economically messed up this country is right now.  There was a man on the corner dressed in a suit wearing a sandwich board.  With all the promotions that go on outside of GCT it's not an unfamiliar site.  There are always people flyering you and handing you samples of some new product.  

This one was different.  

I didn't stop to to read the entire thing, but the man was in his mid-50's and the first line of the writing on the sandwich board was "Almost Homeless."  The next few lines were about how he was some sort of manager who lost his job recently and he was handing out his resume to anyone who would stop and take it.

9 hours later when I was headed home, I could see him from across the street.  Still wearing the sandwich board and still handing out resumes.  At least I saw someone stopping and talking to him and hope that maybe he got a lead or an interview and hopefully won't be "Almost Homeless." for much longer.

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Jocelyn said...

He was there again this morning :(