Friday, May 9, 2008

Only For Use On A Fire At An Art Museum

So a while ago I saw an article on a technology site about how to turn a fire extinguisher into a spray paint can of sorts… or a flamethrower. Here’s one such how-to article:

Just yesterday I was walking down the 3rd avenue and at 10th street I saw my first fire extinguisher tag:

Messy… but huge and pretty cool.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Grand Central Casting

I have started playing a new game on the subway to pass the time. I cast my fellow travelers in a movie based purely by their physical appearance and/or demeanor.

It started a couple weeks ago on the way from Brooklyn to Manhattan with my Fiance in a train that was about 1/4 full. I looked at one man sitting a few seats from me and realized that he would be perfectly cast as the "Gruff But Loveable Father Figure." It made me then take a closer look at my fellow straphangers and start placing them in their various stereotypical movie roles.

Two 18-22 year old girls sitting near each other, but not with each other. One of them Jewish and conservatively dressed reading a textbook, the other black and more stylish, reviewing what looked like work for school. I immediately cast them as the 2 "Bickering Intellectuals Who Can't Seem To Get Along Or Agree On Anything But In The End Realize They Are More Alike Than They Thought."

Across from me was a thuggish dressed young black man with a big build who would immediately be cast as the "Guy From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks That Eventually Sacrifices Himself To Save Everyone."

Also in the train at the time was the "Prissy Beauty Queen", "Nerdy Dead Meat", "Hysterical Mother", "Weaselly Traitor", "Frightened Children Who Go Into Shock", and "Goofy Best Friend Who Dies At The Beginning Of The Third Act."

Not everyone gets a role, those that I don't cast end up as extras.

Myself? I'm cast as the hero of course, with my Fiance as my love interest.