Monday, June 2, 2008

Subway Hell

This morning I had one of those experiences that start the day off in such a way as you know there can be no good to come of it. I should have just turned right around and went back home.

1. No A/C on my 40 minute subway ride.
2. When I got a seat, the girl next to me decided that a crowded subway in the morning is the ideal time and place to remove her nail polish and put on a new coat.
3. A female crazy/subway preacher yammering on about God and Christ and us Sinners for 40 minutes in the background. I had forgotten my headphones at work on Friday so I couldn't drown her out.

Now at work I feel a bit sick and to top it off since I took Friday off there is so much to attempt to catch up on.

If you are ever on the subway in the morning and come across this trifecta... flee.

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