Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thou Dost Protest Too Much

Down the street from work there is a group of hotel workers protesting for better workers rights. They are striking and most likely with damn good reason. They’ve been out there for weeks without fail. More power to them and I hope they get whatever it is they want.

Here’s the problem.

I find it all somewhat amusing some times.

You see they have the big inflatable rat behind them. I get the rat thing… but to me it looks as if it’s rearing back to attack.

Then you have their chants… because you see, these workers don’t have the best English skills. Also some I don’t think are effective or appropriate chants.

The most common being “No justice, no peace.”

That’s all well and good but at least in this town it’s really associated more with racial protests and Al Sharpton. If you want something done, Rev. Al is probably the last person you want people thinking of.

Then there was the protest I heard last night. A white union rep kinda guy walked up and started to lead them in a chant of “No more shenanigans!”

I have to say it’s a pretty lame chant, too many syllables. Also… SHENANAGINS? Plus making people with poor English chant it? Bad choice.

So I walked by them yesterday as they started to chant, “NO MORE SCHENANAGINS!” with a giant rat rearing up behind them looking as if it was pouncing on them as their dinner.

With that sight… it’s hard not to chuckle.

But like I said… I hope they get what they want, just with catchier slogans that are more ESL friendly.

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