Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Let's Play Fireman

I'm walking down Clinton Street and see 2 guys holding up a 20ft. tall pole that has fallen over onto a car. Then 4 fire trucks and 2 police cars come. They shut down the street. Rather than just holding the pole up, getting the cars out of the way and then letting the pole fall where it wanted to fall... they had to play with their toys for the next hour. They tied the pole into place on the ground and then (after blocking the road and allowing no foot traffic even 30 feet away from the pole) got out their crane and proceeded sent a guy to the roof. Using some rope they tied a rope from the roof to the top of the pole and then some other ropes to people on the ground so they could safely and slowly guide the pole down. Had they just let it drop where it was supposed to go and would have anyway... estimated time of 5 minutes to hold traffic, clear the car, drop the pole, get said pole out of the street and depart. Instead, 20 guys watched 4 guys tie ropes for an hour. It's like they were practicing how to save a very tall man from falling. I'm surprised no Jaws of Life were used.

Good times.

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